Cable product identification


Look at Trademarks

1. The qualified certificates of wires and cables manufactured by regular manufacturers shall include: 3C mark, factory name, factory address, contact telephone, certification number, production license number, execution standard, specification type, wire length, rated voltage, etc.

2. Labels of inferior products are often not printed clearly or printed incompletely.

3. In addition, wire products belong to the compulsory certification of the state. All production enterprises must obtain the approval of the China Electrical Products Certification Committee. Therefore, the 3C certificate number on the product is also the most important content.


Look at Material

The plastic skin of regular wires and cables is soft and smooth, and the color is even. On its surface, it should also print several items on the product qualification certificate, such as 3C certification number, production license number, execution standard, voltage level, length, factory name, specifications and models. At the same time, the handwriting must be clear and not easy to erase.


Look at the copper wire

Touch the top of the copper wire gently with the palm, feeling should be flat, and no tingling, feel more soft. The color of copper wire of regular wire is bright and reddish, while the color of inferior copper wire is black and its hardness is higher.

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